Mother Nature's First Aid Kit in a Jar!

We call it our "Magic Stuff"

because it's so effective at relieving pain
and promoting healing.

Athletes have used ice on sports injuries since the
horse and buggy days.  In fact, using
ice instead of
WinterCrest is like using a horse and buggy instead
of an automobile.

HERE'S WHY.......

Using ice accomplishes two basic functions:

First - it cools the injured area, sometimes to the point of numbing it, which may help to relieve pain...but it can also cause ice burns, which creates a whole new trauma to an already injured area.

Second - it slows everything downWhen an injury occurs, blood and lymph begin to pool up in the damaged tissues, causing inflammation, swelling, bruising and pain.  Ice slows this process down, but it does not promote healing.


We believe WinterCrest is more effective than ice
because it penetrates quickly and deeply into the
damaged area, reducing inflammation, swelling, bruising,
and pair.  It supports, sustains and enhances your body's
natural ability to heal itself by increasing blood and
lymph flow into and through the damaged area, not
allowing it to pool up and cause an ugly, painful bruise.

If applied immediately after an injury, it's possible that little or no
buising will occur.  The healing process will be much more rapid.....and less
Instead of interfering with your body's natural healing ability,
WinterCrest totally supports that process.  The natural analgesic (pain
relieving) action kicks in immediately, relieving pain while the dead
and dying cells and toxins are carried away from the injured area, and the
necessary nutrients are carried into the damaged tissues, so your body
can begin to repair and rebuild itself.


The action of WinterCrest is both immediate and effective.  It immediately relieves swelling and pain.  It immediately kills germs, bacteria and viruses that may enter your body thru the injured area, thereby creating a sterile, supportive environment for healing to occur.

WinterCrest will help your sore, tired, aching muscles feel better immediately.  Consider using WinterCrest as your "Warm Up" in a Jar.  It loosens, relaxes, strengthens and protects your muscles as it reduces latic acid build up.  Use it before, during and after exercise.  Your muscles will be more relaxed and powerful.  It just may improve your performance and your recovery may be faster.

Athletes from all over the world use WinterCrest and they LOVE IT

Even the debilitating pain from rhematism and arthritis may be relieved with this magical product.

Use on stretched ligaments, sore muscles and bones, bumps, bruises, sprains, spasms, cramps and charley horses.  Works best if applied immediately.


It's your First Aid Kit in a Jar!

Use it for insect bites and stings, cuts, burns, cols sores, chapped lips, sore throats, headaches, backaches, upset stomachs, sinusitis, bursitis, bronchitis and chest colds.

You may even apply it over the lower back and abdomen to help relieve menstral cramps.


WinterCrest is totally natural.  The ingredients are: Birch, Nutmeg, Wintergreen, Clove Bud, Cinnamon, White Camphor, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Menthol, Rosemary, Red Thyme, Aloe Vera, DMSO, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Beeswax with Propolis.

WinterCrest comes in 3 sizes:

1/4 oz - $ 5.00

2 oz - $25.00

8 oz - $75.00

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